About Rexx - Year 2000 Considerations

Rexx Year 2000 Considerations

The Rexx language itself does not contain any "Year 2000" (Y2K) problems and thus can be considered Y2K compliant.  However, there are Y2K considerations in the use of certain Rexx built-in functions.  Be sure to use the correct Date() functions to prevent Y2K problems within your code.  For example, options E (European), U (USA), J (Julian), and O (Ordered) use 2 digit years.  The options S (Sorted), L (local), and N (Normal) use 4 digit years. Use of 4 digit years in programs would be mandatory to ensure Y2K compliance.

Some additional Rexx Y2K tips can be found at
     Handling DATES with REXX

A Rexx function package which contains more Rexx date related functions can be found at:

This is a package for doing date-conversions and date-arithmetics which are all carried out with four digit years (including the "Julian date"; the dates automatically roll-over from Julian to Gregorian, i.e. leap-year algorithm takes October 4th, 1582, into account which was followed by October 15th, 1582 and a different leap-year rule).  This package should run on practically all Rexx-implementations.