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Open Object Rexx

The Rexx Language Association proudly sponsors the Open Object Rexx Project. ooRexx is an open source object oriented Rexx interpreter based on the old IBM Object Rexx product. The ooRexx Web Site has all the information on the project.

As a result of the efforts of some members of RexxLA at the 2007 Symposium, a Product Brochure for ooRexx has been produced.


The NetRexx project was established in 2011 when IBM turned over the source of the NetRexx translator over to RexxLA. The translator can compile (AOT; Ahead Of Time) NetRexx source to .class files that can be executed in the Java Virtual Machine which is available on nearly every platform available, from personal devices to the largest z/OS mainframe computers; naturally, Windows. Linux and MacOSX are also covered. The translator can also interpret NetRexx source and execute it immediately - this makes for a very quick development cycle.

NetRexx is related to Rexx, as its architect is Mike Cowlishaw, father of Rexx. It is not clause-for-clause compatible, because some constructs are influenced by the Java Virtual Machine. NetRexx is an Object Oriented dialect of Rexx, and it is the first alternative language for the JVM that was released. NetRexx programs can be written once and then will run everywhere - this is the most straightforward way to write programs for a wide audience - or just compile on your phone and run your class files unchanged on the mainframe.

Since receiving the source (NetRexx is bootstrapped, and written in NetRexx) the RexxLA NetRexx project team has been working on improvements to the translator and making sure it stays up to date with developments in the Java world, as long as they are deemed fitting into the Rexx culture - low astonishment factor, keep the language small, make the language easier for programmers and not specificly for compiler writers, be case insensitive, and case sensitive when necessary, start at 1 instead of 0, and other time honoured principles.

The RexxLA team have brought out some releases, with improvements ranging from providing a built-in java compiler so it can be used everywhere where there is a JVM (JRE: Java Runtime Environment, so doing away with the requirement of having a Java SDK), integration with JSR-223 scripting languages, having "do over" loops available for most of the Java Collection Classes, being able to start a translation from a memory string, supporting the new JVM8 bytecode signatures, and various other improvements. NetRexx 3.03 is the current version, with 3.04 in the making.

Find here the home of the NetRexx project - and developers can look here for the sourcecode repository.

The NetRexx project is in need of volunteers to share the responsibility of testing and the packaging of new versions with the current project team.