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2003 - 14th Annual Rexx Symposium - Schedule

Research Triangle Park (RTP), North Carolina, USA

Times shown are based on UTC-05:00
(Daylight saving is not applied!)

Unscheduled Presentations

  A brief introduction to the programming language roo!(tm)  
  Automating Microsoft Excel Using Object Rexx  
  BSF Web Scripting with Rexx - Architecture and Application Examples  
  Client / Server messaging application using Rexx and MQSeries Roger Lacroix  
  Creating "Professional" Reports/Printouts With Object Rexx & the RxVb.PrinterObject  
  Differences between accessing MQSeries on OS/390 vs distributed boxes using Rexx Roger Lacroix  
  How To Access Many of The Window's API Function Through ActiveX DLL Creation  
  How to Write Self-Healing Rexx Programs  
  Implementing Rexx on PalmOS  
  Introduction To NetRexx  
  Mainframe REXX to create XML data and other NON-structured-type data  
  Mod_Rexx and Apache - Two Kings United (Updated From 2002 Presentation)  
  Object Rexx For Non-OO Programmers  
  OCube Text File Processor  
  Rexx Coding Style  
  Rexx For PalmOS Pierre Richard  
  Structuring a REXX Add-On To Provide Call-Back Capability  
  Survey over the package RxMATH and the class RegularExpression Lavrentious Servissoglou  
  The Augsburg Version of BSF4Rexx