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1992 - 3rd Annual Rexx Symposium - Schedule

Annapolis, Maryland, USA

Times shown are based on UTC-04:00
(Daylight saving is not applied!)

Unscheduled Presentations

  Communications and Event Handling with REXX  
  IBM Compiler and Library for REXX/370  
Interfacing With Rexx
Anthony Rudd  
Introducing the Regina REXX Interpreter
  OS/2 Procedures Language 2/REXX  
  Performance Engineering/Management of a Large REXX Application  
  Plunging into Pipes  
  Programming With Objects: A REXX-Based Approach  
  Relational Architects Product Family  
  REXX - The Future  
  REXX Applications in Automated Operations  
  REXX in the ClCS Environment  
  REXX Technical Issues Today and Tomorrow  
  REXX, Perl and Visual Basic  
  REXX2001 - Chosen Language of Man and Machine  
  The Implications of Multimedia for Training in the '90's  
  uni-REXX - REXX for the UNIX and VMS Environment  
  WinREXX - Personal REXX for Windows  
  X3J18 - The REXX Standard