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Rexx Symposium

The Rexx Language Association (RexxLA) hosts a Symposium annually. To learn more please visit the Symposium page.

Background to the Rexx Symposium

Here is a little background from Cathie Dager on the origins of the Rexx Symposium:

"In the spring of 1990 I knew of six people who had written Rexx implementations but they had not met and I wanted to get them together. Also I knew that Rexx was superior to Basic and wanted a means of  promoting Rexx, which was independent of IBM.  I thought a gathering of Rexx implementors to speak to each other and to users would be beneficial to the audience and also help promote the use of the language.

So I asked Rexx author Mike Cowlishaw if he would attend such a gathering and be the featured speaker.  When he agreed, I announced the first Rexx Symposium for Developers and Users.  It was held in June of  1990 at the location of my employer, the Stanford Linear Accelerator Center.  The authors of all  current implementations of Rexx attended and spoke and 118 participants represented five countries and all Rexx user communities.

The annual international Rexx Symposium has continued as the premier  technical conference where Rexx users and developers gather to exchange ideas and information and plan for the future of the language.  The ANSI standard and Rexx Language Association are two important outcomes of the Symposium."


Other Events

Currently there are no other events scheduled. Please check back often for upcoming events.