Events & Symposium - Symposium - 2020 - Speakers



Speaker Michael Cowlishaw - <mfc (at) speleotrove (dot) com>
Credentials Mike Cowlishaw has worked in both hardware and software design and is currently the Editor of the IEEE 754 Standard for Floating-Point Arithmetic. He has long been interested in the human aspects of computing, including the Rexx and Java programming languages, colour perception, neural networks, text editing, mapping, panorama viewers, and decimal arithmetic. He is an IBM Fellow (retired), a Fellow of the Royal Academy of Engineering, and a Visiting Professor in the Department of Computer Science at the University of Warwick, UK.

Speaker Gil Barmwater - <vicepresident (at) rexxla (dot) org>
Credentials Gil Barmwater is a retired independent computer consultant who has used Rexx since it first became available within IBM. In addition to programming Rexx in the mainframe environment, he has developed Rexx solutions on OS/2 and multiple versions of Windows. Learning about the features of ooRexx and making contributions to its ongoing development is his current interest. He currently is the Vice President of the Rexx Language Association and is its acting Secretary/Treasurer.

Speaker Rony G. Flatscher - <rony.flatscher (at)>
Credentials Rony works as a professor for Business informatics ("Wirtschaftsinformatik") at the Vienna University of Economics and Business Administration (Wirtschaftsuniversität Wien) and uses Open Object Rexx for teaching Business Administration and MIS students the object-oriented paradigm, as well as remote-controlling (automating) Windows and Windows end-user applications (e.g. MS Office, Open Office) as well as Java and Java applications (he is the author of BSF4ooRexx, the ooRexx-Java bridge, which uses Apache BSF and had Rony invited to become an ASF member). He consults and trains in all of his research fields.

Speaker Mike Beer - <mike (at)>
Credentials CEO & Founder of Focus on providing psychological online help with AI and validated scientific procedures. Experience in IT, TelCo, Pharma/Health, Media, Tourism, Automotive, Finance Previous roles include global sales & marketing functions (e.g. IBM) Decades of application development projects with several programming languages including REXX and APL Large parts of the framework are written in Regina, using services of IBM Watson, Microsoft Azure and other providers.

Speaker Jeffrey Hennick - <Jeff (at)>
Credentials Jeff discovered his computer addiction as an EE undergrad in the early 60s. He never became a professional programmer. While working for Eastman Kodak in the mid 70s he used VM/CMS & EXEC as a tool. When introduced to Rexx, he fell in love. By the mid 80s, he had written a full multi-host hypertext authoring and presentation system in Rexx / Xedit / Pipelines that for the users and authors mimicked PROFS email. This was used widely within Kodak worldwide. He retired early and has been a bum ever since. When, in the late 90s he discovered NJPipes for NetRexx, he started writing and contributing stages for it. His recent efforts have been directed toward making NetRexx Pipelines stages more CMS compatible, adding lots of stage tests (& finding bugs in his stages), adding some new stages, and enhancing the documentation. He also bike tours and kayaks out of western New York State and southwestern Florida.

Speaker Walter Pachl
Credentials Walter worked for 25 years in the IBM Laboratory Vienna. He worked on several program products such as DITTO, SDF, and a PL/I subset compiler for DPPX. The highlight of his career were the test activities for the REXX Compiler. A fully automated test environment allowed for continuous regression testing and ensured a high quality product. When "freed" from IBM, Walter worked at an Austrian bank where he started to convert many of the (VM/CMS) REXX tools that we developed and enjoyed in the Lab to TSO/ISPF. Real work was, however, based on PL/I and DB2. You can find many entries he made on under (Classic) REXX and some under ooRexx, netRexx, and PL/I.

Speaker Ze'ev Atlas - <zatlas1 (at)>
Credentials Ze'ev is an old time mainframe programmer who had reinvented himself as Perl and Python programmer. He introduced the PCRE library back to z/OS so that he could pull the COBOL world kicking and screaming back to the mainstream of programming.