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Title Open Object Rexx Tutorial
Speaker Prof. Dr. Rony Flatscher
Abstract This tutorial introduces ("classic") Rexx programmers to new features ooRexx makes available, which make Rexx programming even easier. It concludes with introducing and demonstrating the creation and usage of Rexx classes in ooRexx, which is very easy, yet powerful. With the proliferation of ooRexx on many platforms, including IBM mainframes, classic Rexx programmers will benefit greatly from this tutorial.
Papers Tutorial
Title SHOWIT - An ooRexx tool to collect and display data from stems, files and strings, with substitution.
Speaker Les Koehler
Abstract Les will present Open Obect Rexx code that makes it easy to create and display data taken from multiple sources: whole files (or pieces of them), stems and literals. Any of these can contain variables that start with an ampresand, much like the html convention for built-in variables.

A live demonstration may be done. If time permits, and there is interest, he will explore the coding techniques used.

Papers SHOWIT.html
Supplementary Material
Title IBM Rexx Language Update: Classic Rexx and The Rexx Compiler.
Speaker Virgil Hein
Abstract This presentation is aimed at the beginning to intermediate REXX programmer who wants to gain further insight on better REXX programming techniques.
Review includes:
- RexxLA Open Source products
- Latest z/OS REXX Interpreter updates
- What REXX products (and related products) are available - both free and priced
- Coding techniques
- Hints and tips
- Key instructions (like ADDRESS, PARSE, STORAGE, etc.)
- Compound variables vs data stack
- Troubleshooting and programming styles for REXX.
Papers IBM_Rexx Language Update: Classic Rexx and The Rexx Compiler
Title Adding JSR-223 to BSF4ooRexx
Speaker Rony Flatscher
Abstract BSF4ooRexx is a bridge to allow ooRexx to use all of Java as if it was ooRexx, and at the same time allows Java to employ ooRexx as a scripting language. This bridge has been created using the Apache Bean Scripting Framework (BSF). Java defined its own scripting framework (a.k.a. "JSR-223") which is distributed with Java in the form of the package "javax.script". The next version of BSF4ooRexx implements the necessary interfaces for Java, such that any Java program can use effortlessly ooRexx as a scripting framework, using the "javax.script" package and referring to the ooRexx scripting engine by its name "rexx". This talk will introduce the JSR-223 architecture and the implementation done for BSF4ooRexx. Numerous examples will demonstrate how easy it is for Java programmers to employ ooRexx as a scripting language with this new version of BSF4ooRexx.
Papers Adding JSR-223 to BSF4ooRexx
Title .Net for ooRexx
Speaker Rony Flatscher
Abstract The Windows version of ooRexx supports COM/OLE classes, which can be used as if they were implemented as ooRexx classes. Unfortunately so far, there has been no support forĀ  .Net classes on Windows. This talk introduces the work of two WU students, one who created the .Net support (Manuel Raffel) and another one (Adrian Baginski) who created nutshell examples to teach and demonstrate how easy it is to use .Net with ooRexx. The .Net support for the Windows version of ooRexx is planned to be distributed with the next version of BSF4ooRexx, as early as fall 2016.
Papers .Net and ooRexx
Title Extending GIT with NetRexx
Speaker René Vincent Jansen
Abstract Git is a modern source code version management system. It can be enhanced and adapted using NetRexx, for example for creating Git Hooks, or by using the jGit api to get to the internals of the system.
Papers Extending Git with NetRexx
Title Building, testing, debugging and packaging ooRexx 5.00
Speaker René Vincent Jansen
Abstract This session will focus on how to get the Open Object Rexx Source, build it on your own computer, finding and correcting bugs, and adding your computer to the RexxLA build infrastructure so that changes can be built and tested on many platforms at once.
Papers Building, testing, debugging and packaging ooRexx 5.00
Title ooSysDumpVariables.rex
Speaker Les Koehler
Abstract Les will present Open Obect Rexx code that will implement all the capabilities of SysDumpVariables and will sort the output properly, including stemmed variables. It avoids CR/LF problems in data so opening the output file doesn't produce confusing results when they are present.

An optional feature sets the width of the Name field, does validity checking and displays hex data nicely.

A live demonstration may be done. If time permits, and there is interest, he will explore the coding techniques used.

Papers ooSysDumpVariables.html
Supplemental Material
Title ooDumpVars.rex
Speaker Les Koehler
Abstract Les will present ooDumpvars.rex, which provides the same usability additions to ooSysDumpVariables.rex as his DUMPVARS.REX does for SysDumpVariables(), which he presented at the 2008 Rexx Symposium. Added features include:
  • Automatically naming dump files to tie them to the program being executed,
  • Allowing dump files to have a meaningful 'identifier'.
  • Allowing multiple generations of dump files and providing an easy to use cleanup capability.
  • The dump file is properly sorted, including numbered stemmed variables.
  • Interference by Carriage Return (CR) and Line Feed (LF) as data is avoided.
  • Your favorite editor can be automatically invoked to display the dump file.
  • Optionally, the dump file can be examined and flagged for potentially confusing data. show the hex value of non-standard data and set the width of the Name column of the dump file. Credit goes to Walter Pachl for this feature.
The presentation will explain the syntax of ooDUMPVARS.rex and show the results of some of the various types of invocation. If time permits, Les will demonstrate how ooDumpVars.rex might be used. A live demonstration may be done. If time permits, and there is interest, he will explore the coding techniques used.

Papers ooDumpVars.html
Supplementary Material
Speaker Gil Barmwater
Abstract ORXVER, a program written to help manage multiple versions of ooRexx on one Windows system, was developed with a command line interface. This meant the user would need to remember the appropriate arguments to specify what he/she wanted the program to do.

As more capabilities were added to the program, it became obvious that this was a problem and so a graphical user interface was designed and added that takes advantage of the ooDialog feature of ooRexx on Windows. This process will be described, the added code examined, and the resulting version of the program demonstrated.

Papers ORXVER Gets A GUI
Title Rexx Arithmetic - inspiration for a Standard
Speaker Mike Cowlishaw
Abstract At the 2001 Rexx symposium I presented my proposal for adding decimal arithmetic, based on Rexx arithmetic, to the IEEE 754 floating-point standard. In 2008 the new standard was published, and is now being revised.

This talk will review Rexx arithmetic, how it was adapted for the floating-point standard, and the current status of that standard and its hardware and software implementations.

Papers Rexx Arithmetic - inspiration for a Standard
Title Tend To Your Knitting - A Dinosaurs Evolution
Speaker Terry Fuller
Abstract Terry has been working on a production management system for the garment industry, involving automated tracking the production of garments from yarn to a complete product. As there were no off-the-shelf products available for this process, one was created in ooRexx with ooDialog. Along the way this assembler-slinging dinosaur has evolved... a bit.
Papers Tend To Your Knitting
Title Automating Critical IMS Operations
Speaker Pedro Vera
Abstract Information Management System (IMS) is a popular non-relational database that runs on the IBM mainframe. Pedro will describe how to issue operator commands and how to process the command response, through REXX. In addition, Pedro will also give some tips for writing your own assembler functions.
Papers Automating Critical IMS Operations
Title Live Web Charts with NetRexx
Speaker René Vincent Jansen
Abstract A combination of Tomcat, NetRexx and Google charts can do live updated graphs on a website, as shown as part of a monitoring application.
Papers ELMO
Title The ooRexx DBus Bindings for Linux, MacOSX and Windows
Speaker Rony Flatscher
Abstract DBus is a communication infrastructure for Linux, developed by, which devises cross-Linux specifications and sometimes implementations of software infrastructures. This presentation introduces the architecture of DBus, explains how Linux systems and Linux applications employ this infrastructure, followed by an introduction to the ooRexx bindings for DBus with nutshell examples. The ooRexx DBus bindings are created for 32- and 64-bit Linux operating systems. The ooRexx DBus bindings got ported to MacOSX and Windows, for which at least an implementation of the libdbus needs to be installed.
Papers The ooRexx DBus Bindings for Linux, MacOSX and Windows