Events & Symposium - Symposium - 2015 - Speakers



Speaker Rony Flatscher - <rony.flatscher (at)>
Credentials Rony works as a professor for Business informatics ("Wirtschaftsinformatik") at the Vienna University of Economics and Business Administration (Wirtschaftsuniversität Wien) and uses Open Object Rexx for teaching Business Administration and MIS students the object-oriented paradigm, as well as remote-controlling (automating) Windows and Windows end-user applications (e.g. MS Office, Open Office) as well as Java and Java applications.

Speaker Eva Gerger
Credentials Eva is currently studying business administration and information systems at the Vienna University of Economics and Business (Wirtschaftsuniversität Wien) as well as project management and Information Technology at the University of Applied Sciences bfi Vienna. She first met Rexx in a course of Mr. Flatscher during her studies. During her latest course she started to work with BRexx on Android devices.

Speaker Virgil Hein - <vhein (at)>
Credentials Virgil has been with IBM for 38+ years working in software development. In his current position as an IBM Business Manager he is responsible for all facets of a set of mature technology products. This includes responsibility for strategy, business management, development, marketing, sales, service, and support. Main products include Office Vision products, BookManager, REXX, and OS/2. In this position the main goals are focused on maintaining/increasing customer satisfaction, supporting customer efforts to migrate to follow-on solutions, and finding creative means of increasing mature/growth product revenue. As the product owner for the IBM REXX Compiler, Virgil is closely involved with a variety of REXX activities both inside and outside of IBM.

Speaker René Vincent Jansen - <rvjansen (at)>
Credentials René has used Rexx since it appeared in TSO Extensions in the second half of the eighties when he was a systems programmer at the Central Bank of The Netherlands. He is an independent consultant since the turn of the century, specializing in models and meta models in order to rationalize data governance and model driven development. He likes to program in any language as long as it's Rexx.
He currently is the President of the Rexx Language Association and is a member of the Symposium Planning Committee.

Speaker Richard Lagler

Speaker Sebastian Margiol
Credentials Sebastian is a PHD Student at the Vienna University of Economics. During his Master study he became acquainted with Professor Rony G. Flatscher, who already contributed much to the ooRexx community and introduced Sebastian to ooRexx.

Speaker Walter Pachl
Credentials Walter worked for 25 years in the IBM Laboratory Vienna. He worked on several program products such as DITTO, SDF, and a PL/I subset compiler for DPPX. The highlight of his career were the test activities for the REXX Compiler. A fully automated test environment allowed for continuous regression testing and ensured a high quality product. When "freed" from IBM, Walter worked at an Austrian bank where he started to convert many of the (VM/CMS) REXX tools that we developed and enjoyed in the Lab to TSO/ISPF. Real work was, however, based on PL/I and DB2. You can find many entries he made on under (Classic) REXX and some under ooRexx, netRexx, and PL/I.

Speaker Manuel Raffel
Credentials Manuel Raffel is currently about to finish his undergraduate studies in Business, Economics and Social Sciences with a major in Business Administration at the Vienna University of Economics and Business. After having been introduced to the world of ooRexx by one of his professors, Dr. Rony Flatscher, he is currently working on two projects and his thesis, all of them focussing on BSF4ooRexx related topics.

Speaker Julian Reindorf
Credentials Julian is currently studying business administration and information systems at the Vienna University of Economics and Business (Wirtschaftsuniversität Wien) as well as project management and Information Technology at the University of Applied Sciences bfi Vienna. In the course of his study he first came across Rexx in October 2013. In late 2014 he started working with Rexxoid, a Rexx interpreter for Android devices.

Speaker Oliver Sims
Credentials Oliver was with IBM for 24 years, leaving in 1993 to join an IBM joint venture tasked with developing a high-level GUI framework for OS2, Windows, Unix, and AS400. After significant success, the joint venture was sold to a US company. Later, Oliver was an independent consultant and a member of the OMG Architecture Board. He retired in 2011.
Speaker Uwe Winter
Credentials Uwe works as system programmer at a health insurance. Before he has been worked for 23 years in the mainframe automation area at EDS/HP. His focus was on integration of legacy REXX code into the own standard environment first based on IBM Netview later on CA-OPS. Beside the job he has finished a study in business informatics with thesis about development of tools for test and maintenance of REXX programs. At home he switched from Windows to Linux and is trying to automate all every day work on PC, Netbook and mobile (Nokia N900).

Speaker Jon (Sahananda) Wolfers - <jon.wolfers (at) >
Credentials Jon met Rexx on CMS back in the 1980's whilst working for British Airways. He trained TPF programmers in the '"new" language. For the last nine years he has been developing & maintaining Retail Applications using Rexx on Windows for the trading arm of a small Charity using Personal Rexx & later Object Rexx.
If he had any spare time he would spend it meditating, playing the Guitar or the Piano.