Events & Symposium - Symposium - 2015 - Abstracts

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Title Smart Homes with openHAB and ooRexx
Speaker Manuel Raffel
Abstract The presentation is intended to give an introduction to both the openHAB project for home automation and the developed extension which adds support for ooRexx. OpenHAB is a highly extensible, vendor and technology agnostic open source home automation software. The developed binding effectively enables ooRexx to take control of lights, heating, shutters and everything else there is in today's smart homes.
Papers openHab and ooRexx

Title ooRexx as scripting language for all browsers
Speaker Manuel Raffel
Abstract The developed prototype enables developers to use ooRexx as scripting language, namely within HTMLs >script<-tags. This allows the execution of ooRexx code by accessing a simple webpage, including, but not limited to, manipulation of the webpage itself.
Papers Rexx for the Web

Title The ooDialog User Guide
Speaker Oliver Sims
Abstract ooDialog provides GUI capabilities for ooRexx. However, the function provided is necessarily low-level. Thus an application programmer must understand a great deal about GUI programming. The objective of the ooDialog User Guide is to provide greater simplicity for the application programmer by providing a framework on top of ooDialog that makes building GUI-based apps significantly easier. This presentation briefly describes the framework provided so far by the User Guide, and outlines possible future function.
Papers The ooDialog User Guide | ooDialog v4 Scripts

Title What is Classic Rexx?
Speaker Walter Pachl
Abstract One of the problems with REXX is that of compatibility, upward and cross implementations. Many if not all differences found in miscellaneous interpreters and compilers will be presented together with some reasons for their existence. Avoiding some of the 'features' offered helps to create programs that are valid for every Rexx implementation.
Papers What is Classic Rexx?

Title The IBM Rexx Compiler
Speaker Walter Pachl
Abstract Rumours had it that this compiler was 'Made in Israel'. This presentation will give a historical view of one of the real developers, justifying the true tag: 'Made in Austria'. You will hear about the evolution from a vague idea to very successful products coming from good old IBM. (A similar rumour says that PL/I was made in Vienna which is utmost untrue.)
Papers REXX Compiler History

Title New Features in BSF4ooRexx
Speaker Prof. Dr. Rony Flatscher
Abstract BSF4ooRexx is a bridge between ooRexx and Java and allows ooRexx to use all Java classes and Java objects as if they were ooRexx classes and ooRexx objects, making it really easy to exploit all of the Java functionality from ooRexx. Since the last report on BSF4ooRexx it has been enhanced with new features that will get introduced and showcased with small "nutshell" examples.
Papers New Features in BSF4ooRexx

Title How to Develop a Native Library in C++ for ooRexx in a Nutshell
Speaker Prof. Dr. Rony Flatscher
Abstract ooRexx has a great ("native") application programming interface (API) architecture that makes it easy to exploit all of ooRexx from C++. It allows to interact with ooRexx objects from C++. On the other hand this API makes it easy to implement functionality in C++ and to make that functionality available as "native" ooRexx methods and "native" ooRexx routines. A small example will demonstrate how one can create such a native library in C++ for ooRexx.
Papers Develop a Native Library in C++ for ooRexx | Develop a Native Library in C++ for ooRexx - sources and makefile

Title The Cross-platform Documentation Utility "ooRexxDoc"
Speaker Alexander Seik
Abstract "ooRexxDoc" is a cross-platform utility that analyses ooRexx programs and creates a HTML documentation from it. The new version includes already some support for the new ooRexx language features for the upcoming ooRexx version 5.0, currently under development. This talk introduces the architecture of the package, the ooRexx concepts that get documented and demonstrates how the tool can be applied for documenting ooRexx programs.
Papers ooRexxDoc

Title SOAP4ooRexx - A Cross-platform Library to Exploit the Simple Object Access Protocol from ooRexx
Speaker Alexander Seik
Abstract "SOAP4ooRexx" makes SOAP service servers and their services available to ooRexx in a platform independent manner. The presentation will introduce SOAP, the decisions that led to the current solution, its architecture, and explains how to take advantage using ooRexx semantics. It becomes possible to regard SOAP services as ooRexx SOAP service objects to which one merely sends ooRexx messages to invoke SOAP methods.
Papers SOAP4ooRexx

Title Let's make a Model Train Set
Speaker Jon 'Sahananda' Wolfers
Abstract We all like to play with trains. This set is in ooRexx and ooDialog.
Papers Jon's Trainset

Title D-Bus and ooRexx - Architecture, Testing and Applications
Speaker Sebastian Margiol
Abstract D-Bus and ooRexx - Architecture, Testing and Applications
Papers D-Bus and ooRexx

Title D-Bus and ooRexx - Nutshell Examples
Speaker Richard Lagler
Abstract D-Bus and ooRexx - Nutshell Examples
Papers Term Paper

Title IBM Rexx update: Classic Rexx and the Rexx Compiler
Speaker Virgil Hein
Abstract Virgil keeps us abreast of developments within the IBM teams in charge of IBM's Rexx products.
Papers Rexx Coding Techniques 2015

Title BRexx: Running Rexx on Android Systems
Speaker Eva Gerger
Abstract Mobile devices are on the rise, most of them using the Android operating system. However, developing applications for Android is complex and hard to learn. Scripting Layer for Android in combination with BRexx (an interpreter for the programming language Rexx) is able to provide relief for many problems. This presentation introduces and demonstrates small "nutshell" examples for BRexx that interact with Android. A short comparison between BRexx and Rexxoid concludes the presentation.
Papers BRexx on Android | Term Paper

Title Rexxoid: Running Rexx on Android Systems
Speaker Julian Reindorf
Abstract Rexx runs on several operating systems, including Windows, MacOS and Linux. However, the recent development towards mobile devices leads to the need of running Rexx also on the most wide-spread mobile device operating system: Android. The Rexxoid interpreter enables Android devices to execute Rexx scripts. Furthermore commands can be sent to the Android shell. This presentation describes Rexxoid and presents serveral small "nutshell" examples.
Papers Rexxoid on Android | Term Paper

Title Rexx Regina Tools
Speaker Uwe Winter
  • card-index training program (with SQL database and web browser as GUI)
  • environment to start and control multiple REXX scripts in parallel (used to execute a dozen of online routines every day, e.g web site monitoring, downloads, e-mail, newsgroups and so on)
  • usage of Regina internal format to reformat or analyse REXX source code
Papers Rexx Regina Tools

Title NetRexx 3.04 New Features
Speaker René Vincent Jansen
Abstract New features in the upcoming NetRexx 3.04 release
Papers NetRexx 3.04