Events & Symposium - Symposium - 2010 - Abstracts

The 2010 International Rexx Symposium
11th - 4th December 2010
Amsterdam and Almere, The Netherlands

Sponsored by the Rexx Language Association


Title A very short introduction to Cryptography using a Rexx API for the 4758 IBM PCI Cryptographic Coprocessor
Speaker Jaap Brugman
Abstract A control program for a dedicated Internal Audit Windows 2003 server was written in Rexx. It controlled collection of Audit records from a mainframe environment. After compression an enciphering the Records are kept safe on the server with backups to TSM. On request by Audit programs the Auditor receives deciphered an decompressed data. The crypto engine is an IBM 4758 Crypto Coprocessor. Enabling Coprocessor functionality in Rexx was the challenge.

Title Orde! with Rexx
Speaker Michiel van Hoorn
Abstract Orde! is the name of a concept and tooling for structuring information. It was developed to organize all data gathered during a system development project and to produce design documents. It can also be used as a prototyping tool.

Orde! is comprised of a modeling concept, a repository structure, a semi-formal description language, a cross reference engine and several output generators. The output can be generated to a website, a Word or Html document or to Wiki.

Orde! has been developed using Rexx and exploits in particular its associative arrays. The Orde! program has 35.000 lines of code.

Papers Orde.ppt

Title PP - the Program Porting Machine
Speaker Thomas Schneider
Abstract Thomas will demonstrate the current state of his Program Porting Machine PP. PP is implemented in NetRexx, and has been designed to support the various tasks involved in the translation of various Computer Languages like Rexx, COBOL, or PL/I to NetRexx. Also, the translation of IBM PL/I DL/I based databases to DB2 will be covered. The Presentation will cover the overall design of PP and the current stage of implementation.

Title The 2010 Edition of BSF4Rexx
Speaker Rony Flatscher
Abstract A new version of ooRexx is pending and slated to be released for Christmas 2010. This presentation introduces the improvements and new features that become available to Rexx and ooRexx programmers.
The 20210 Edition of BSF4ooRexx

Title Use Rexx and ooRexx from its Java-based Sibling NetRexx
Speaker Rony Flatscher
Abstract NetRexx brings the easy Rexx syntax to the Java table: one can create programs using the well established Rexx principles, which are compiled to Java byte code. Because of the Rexx syntax principles, creating portable applications becomes considerably easier than in Java itself.

However, some features that have become known and valued in the Rexx and ooRexx world are missing from NetRexx: e.g. easy addressing of the environment, interpreted execution of Rexx and ooRexx code, taking advantage of functionality existing in form of Rexx and ooRexx programs.

This presentation introduces and demonstrates how one can execute Rexx and ooRexx programs directly from NetRexx. It will also demonstrate how NetRexx programmers can directly interact with ooRexx objects sending, ooRexx messages directly to ooRexx objects from NetRexx!

Papers 2010-NetRexx-ooRexx.pdf

Title Tool Updates
Speaker Mark Hessling
Abstract Mark discusses recent developments in the latest versions of his toolset for Rexx.

Title Building NetRexx Systems
Speaker René Jansen
Abstract The developer has several options for building application systems from classes. This presentation will elaborate on the different approaches and will show the usage of various tools to accomplish this goal.
Building NetRexx Systems.pdf

Title The CSVStream Class
Speaker Jon (Sahananda) Wolfers
Abstract The CSVStream class by Jon Wolfers is a new part of the ooRexx 4.1.0 release. Being its author, Jon discusses the ins and outs and some usage patterns.

Title ooRexx 4.1.0 changes
Speaker David Ashley
Abstract The new ooRexx 4.10. API is released around the symposium date. David explains the new features and changes in this release.
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Title Rexx/CSV and Rexx/PDF
Speaker Mark Hessling
Abstract Mark discusses two new products in his range, soon to be released.
RexxCSV and RexxPDF.pdf

Title Debugging JDBC Connections using NetRexx
Speaker Robert Wilson
Abstract Robert will show how to debug JDBC Connections using some homegrown utilities that have been put together using NetRexx
Papers jdbc_diag.pdf

Title System Rexx
Speaker Harris Morgenstern
Abstract Harris talks about the new System Rexx addition to z/OS
Papers SysrexxSymposium2010.ppt