Rexx Symposium - Sample Session Proposal

Speaker Clark Kent
Title Rexx - Faster than a Speeding Bullet
Audience Beginners to advanced programmers
Requirements High-speed, bullet-proof Internet access
Abstract Clark will demonstrate 34 of his most popular Rexx applications, including Rexx/PhoneBooth; a tool for calculation of the volume of small enclosed spaces, Rexx/Kryptonite; analyses properties of exotic green rocks, Rexx/Flight; an approach to human-powered flight, and Rexx/Train; a program for calculating the inertia of large, fast-travelling public transport vehicles.
About the Speaker Clark is a mild mannered reporter as a professional, but indulges in Rexx programming in his spare time. He has only been using Rexx for 12 months but in that time he has developed hundreds of Rexx applications principally related to physics and the natural world.

When not involved in his professional activities and Rexx development, Clark occasionally dresses up in bright, tight-fitting clothing.