The 2006 International Rexx Symposium
10 - 13 April 2006
Austin, Texas, USA

Sponsored by the Rexx Language Association


Speaker David Ashley
Credentials David has over 15 years experience with the Rexx language and writing external function packages for Rexx. He is the author of the OS/2 GammaTech Rexx Superset/2 product and many shareware and freeware packages.

In addition, David has extensive experience in the open source community and is the project leader for three SourceForge projects: Mod_Rexx, GTKRxDlg, and OS2Linux. David is also a developer on the OpenHPI project.

He has worked on projects using everything from embedded processors up to large IBM mainframes. He has over 20 years of software development experience using multiple architectures, development environments, tools, and operating systems.

Speaker Gil Barmwater
Credentials Gil Barmwater is an independent computer consultant who has been using Rexx since it first became available within IBM more than 25 years ago. In addition to programming Rexx in the mainframe environment, he has been developing Rexx solutions on OS/2 and multiple versions of Windows for the past seven years.

He currently serves as the Secretary/Treasurer of the Rexx Language Association and is a member of the Symposium Planning Committee.

Speaker Lisa Bates
Credentials Lisa Bates grew up with Rexx on VM/CMS as a Systems Programmer, starting in 1985. For the past 10 years she has been a MVS Sysprog, all the while continuing to solve problems, and create useful tools and utilities using Rexx. She is known to say, "Sure I can write that in Rexx ... Now what do you need?"

Speaker Mike Cowlishaw
Credentials Mike Cowlishaw has worked in both hardware and software design and is currently the leader of the IBM decimal arithmetic initiative. He has long been interested in the human aspects of computing, including the Rexx and Java programming languages, color perception, neural networks, text processing, and decimal arithmetic.

He is an IBM Fellow, a Fellow of the Royal Academy of Engineering, and a Visiting Professor in the Department of Computer Science at the University of Warwick, UK.

For more detail, google 'cowlishaw'

Speaker Chip Davis
Credentials Chip has over forty years of programming experience in various low- and high-level languages. He has used the Rexx language since 1980 and has written several major applications in Rexx, including a VM/CMS emulator for AIX. He is active in the Rexx, Linux, and OS/2 computer users groups in the Research Triangle Park, and currently serves as President of the Rexx Language Association.

As a professional trainer, Chip teaches Rexx, IBM Assembler, and a slew of UNIX courses for commercial clients around the country. An instrument-rated pilot, Chip flies his own plane to class locations, and helicopters for fun.

Speaker Rony G. Flatscher
Credentials Rony G. Flatscher is the author of several small Rexx utilities (e.g. datergf2) and the external Rexx function package BSF4Rexx, which allows Rexx to be used from Java, and allows Rexx to use all of the Java functionality.

He works as a professor for Business informatics ("Wirtschaftsinformatik") at the Vienna University of Economics and Business Administration (Wirtschaftsuniversität Wien) and uses Open Object Rexx for teaching Business Administration and MIS students the object-oriented paradigm, as well as remote-controlling (automating) Windows and Windows end-user applications (e.g. MS Office, Open Office) as well as Java and Java applications.

Speaker René Jansen
Credentials (Not yet received)

Speaker Lee Peedin
Credentials Lee Peedin, Vice President of Research & Development for Safe Data, Inc. (SDI) started using Rexx under OS/2 in 1997. He has served as Vice President of the RexxLA since 2000. Lee is part of a team of six Rexx programmers at SDI that provide telephony and web based Rexx applications primarily to the agriculture and home care/hospice industries.

Speaker Rick McGuire
Credentials Rick was the developer charged with integrating Mike Cowlishaw's original Rexx interpreter into VM/CMS back in 1982. From 1982 until 1995, Rick was IBM's lead architect for Rexx issues and principal developer of the Classic Rexx and Object Rexx interpreters for OS/2. Since 1995, Rick has been heavily involved in IBM projects involving programming languages, including 3 years as a member of IBM's Java Virtual Machine development team.

Speaker Jon Wolfers
Credentials Jon met Rexx on CMS back in the 1980's whilst working for British Airways. He trained TPF programmers in the '"new" language. For the last nine years he has been developing & maintaining Retail Applications using Rexx on Windows for the trading arm of a small Charity using Personal Rexx & later Object Rexx.
If he had any spare time he would spend it meditating, playing the Guitar or the Piano.
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