RexxLA 2003 Symposium Presentations (Titles Only)
Presenter Presentation Title
Keigh Watts A brief introduction to the programming language roo!(tm)
Rony Flatscher BSF Web Scripting with Rexx - Architecture and Application Examples
Roger Lacroix Client / Server messaging application using Rexx and MQSeries
Lee Peedin Creating "Professional" Reports/Printouts With Object Rexx & the RxVb.PrinterObject
Roger Lacroix Differences between accessing MQSeries on OS/390 vs distributed boxes using Rexx
Lee Peedin How To Access Many of The Window's API Function Through ActiveX DLL Creation
Chip Davis How to Write Self-Healing Rexx Programs
Lee Peedin Implementing Rexx on PalmOS
Mick Trujillo Mainframe REXX to create XML data and other NON-structured-type data
David Ashley Mod_Rexx and Apache - Two Kings United (Updated From 2002 Presentation)
David Ashley OCube Text File Processor
Les Koehler Rexx Coding Style
Pierre Richard Rexx For PalmOS
Gil Barmwater Structuring a REXX Add-On To Provide Call-Back Capability
Lavrentious Servissoglou Survey over the package RxMATH and the class RegularExpression
Rony Flatscher The Augsburg Version of BSF4Rexx

RexxLA 2003 Symposium Tutorials (Titles Only)
Presenter Presentation Title
David Ruggles Automating Microsoft Excel Using Object Rexx
Chip Davis Introduction To NetRexx
Rony Flatscher Object Rexx For Non-OO Programmers