The 2002 International Rexx Symposium

Preliminary A B S T R A C T S

28 April - 1 May 2002

The Sheraton Imperial Hotel

Research Triangle Park, North Carolina USA

Sponsored by the Rexx Language Association

Preliminary Abstracts



Gil Barmwater
Computer Systems Consultant
Raleigh, NC

To Be Announced

Ian Collier
Oxford University
Oxford, England

Creating a Rexx External Function in C

Rexx has extensibility as part of its language definition.

Ian will describe how to make use of the most commonly available Application Programming Interface namely the SAA API, which enables you to write add-ons such as external functions or to add Rexx programmability to your existing application.

Mike Cowlishaw
IBM Fellow
IBM UK Laboratories

To Be Announced

Chip Davis
Senior Instructor
Aresti Systems, LLC
Research Triangle Park, NC

To Be Announced

Jan Engehausen
REXX Development
IBM Development Lab
Boeblingen, GERMANY

Object REXX & Windows Script Host by Example

This presentation shows several examples of how to harness the power of OLE Automation and the Windows Script Host.   Small, easy examples are shown of how to use the Microsoft Internet Explorer with scripting to interact with Java, JavaScript and Visual Basic, Active Server Pages (ASP), the Internet Information Server (IIS), DirectAnimation, and a host of OLE-enabled applications.  

Rony Flatscher

Applying the Object REXX Windows Scripting Engine (WSE) with Windows Scripting Host

For the Windows family of operating systems Microsoft created a COM-based technology allowing for applications to closely interface scripting languages with them. Starting with Windows 98 (based upon DOS) and Windows 2000 (based upon the OS/2 derived kernel) the Windows scripting host technology became part of the operating system. Microsoft offers three applications employing a full implementation of the Windows Scripting Host (WSH): Microsoft Internet Explorer (IE), "Microsoft Active Server Pages" (ASP) and "Shell", which allows to script the operating system itself. This

talk introduces the overall architecture of the Windows Scripting Host, discusses cross-language scripting with "Windows Scritping Files" (WSF) and the ability to create "Windows Scripting Components" (WSC), in effect true COM-objects. IBM's Object Rexx supports the WSH interfaces and therefore serves as a "Windows Scripting Engine" (WSE) allowing it to be applied for any scripting task under Windows.

Rony Flatscher

Overview of the Document Object Model (DOM) a.k.a. DHTML Under Windows

With the ubiquitousness of the World Wide Web (WWW) its document format "Hypertext Markup Language" (HTML) and the one of its planned successor "Extensible Markup Language" (XML) have become so

important that interacting with applications processing such text became a necessity. In the past years the World Wide Web consortium has created a set of application programming interfaces which allow programmers to manipulate the structure and content of HTML and/or XML files.

In the case of WWW browsers this allows for creating programmatically dynamic interfaces which can get changed on the fly while the user sits in front of the browser displaying those files and or interfacing with the browser with the keyboard and/or mouse: the "Document Object Model" (DOM), dubbed "dynamic HTML" (DHTML) by Microsoft. This talks gives a conceptual overview about the architectural principles of HTML/XML and the role of "Cascading Style Sheets" (CSS) in this context. Building on these grounds the DOM is introduced and Object Rexx examples under Microsoft's Internet Explorer (a Windows Scripting Host application) are created to stress some of the most important features of DOM.

Lee Peedin
VP Research & Development
Safe Data, Inc.
Wallace, NC

Fine Tuning the Object REXX Built-In OO-Dialog Functions

During development of the Peedin Auction Sales Software (PASS), Lee found a need to enhance the capabilities of many of the OO-Dialog functions.   Not wanting to "re-invent the wheel", Lee added features to many of the built-in functions that greatly enhanced their usability.   This presentation will demonstrate those enhancements and why and how they were used in PASS.  

Allen Richardson
Systems Engineer
SlickEdit, Inc.
Morrisville, NC

Using Visual SlickEdit for Rexx Application Development

This session will demonstrate how Visual SlickEdit can be used to reduce

application development time and costs for the Rexx developer on different platforms. Capabilities to be demonstrated include reducing keystrokes, side-by-side file comparison, syntax expansion and user-defined coding styles. Demonstration platform will be Windows 2000 with discussion of Visual SlickEdit for OS/390.

David Ruggles
Network Engineer
Safe Data, Inc.
Wallace, NC

CGI Rexx on IIS: Configuration and Examples

A presentation detailing the configuration of IIS 4 to enable REXX as a Common Gateway Interface will be followed by examples of HTTP POSTs and GETs, their structure and formatting in the CGI framework, and how to process them in a REXX CGI script.

Lavrentios Servissoglou
Project Lead, ObjREXX Dev.
IBM Development Lab
Boeblingen, GERMANY

Object REXX Interface to Databases (orxODBC)

The presentation will show a new object oriented interface for Object REXX to ODBC.   This interface is developed from scratch and provides an (easy) access to the majority of databases.   The interface looks like JDBC; even JDBC-samples may be used to show the functionality of IBM orxODBC.   With the help of a small HTML class and mod_rexx you may connect database to the web.  

Lavrentios Servissoglou
Project Lead, ObjREXX Dev.
IBM Development Lab
Boeblingen, GERMANY

REXX on z/OS, z/VM, OS/2, Windows, AIX, Linux, and Solaris

This presentation will list the new features of REXX and Object REXX on the various platforms.   New ports of Object REXX will be listed, too.   Additionally, the new service and support will be presented.   Besides the technical features, the presentation will show the "environment" of the IBM REXX / Object REXX development team.

Mick Trujillo
MAX Software

How To Make Classic REXX cook on z/OS (the mainframe)

Mick Trujillo from MAX Software will share some of his favorite recipes on how to make REXX cook on the mainframe.   On a high volume shared user computing environment, such as z/OS, performance is still very important.   Mick will share how to improve REXX performane on the mainframe by detailing the comparison of REXX instructions, showing some preferred coding techniques, and demonstrating some new technology that makes interpretive REXX really cook .  

Thomas Schneider
Bertelsmann Co.
Donauland, Austria

Introducing Rexx2Nrx: - the 'classic Rexx' to NetRexx converter.

During the past decades, REXX has become a very popular language used on various platforms and operating systems. M.F.Cowlishaw, the author of REXX, has now introduced NetRexx, which is a blend of the best principles of Java and REXX.

Unfortunately, Netrexx is not upwards compatible to Rexx. Rexx2Nrx, the 'classic REXX to NetRexx converter' has been developed to fill this gap. Rexx2Nrx takes REXX source code, parses and analyses it, and translates it to NetRexx as far as possible. REXX subroutines/functions are translated to proper NetRexx/Java classes and methods, The format and the data types of the generated NetRexx program may be tailored to your needs by a couple of options very similar to the equivalent NetRexx options.

For those REXX functions not available in NetRexx, a RUN-Time library is provided implementing the missing functions. This library includes simple methods like date(..) and time(..) etc, as well as an implementation of stream I/O (stream, linein,lineout, charin,charout, etc), Stack I/O,  execution of System Commands, Bit string handling, etc.

Rexx2Nrx has been originally developed in CMS compiled REXX, and bootstraps itself from REXX to NetRexx. A Java version is available thru the Internet. Look at for a DEMO version and some more detailed examples and documentation.

Version 3.01 of Rexx2Nrx is currently in beta Test, which will allow you to stepwise translate external REXX function packages/include files to equivalent NetRexx/Java classes and methods.

W. David Ashley
I/T Architect, Global AMS Delivery
IBM Global Services
Dallas, TX
Mod_Rexx and Apache - Two Kings United

Mod_Rexx is an Apache dynamically loadable module which enables the REXX programmer to have full control over the Apache request process. A REXX script/program can be assigned to any phase of the Apache request process and can either partially or fully handle that phase. Mod_Rexx executes REXX programs without the overhead of starting additional operating system processes to support REXX. In addition, Mod_Rexx supports a new type of HTML page called REXX Server Pages (RSP) which allow HTML and REXX statements to be contained within the same document similar to PHP and JSPs.




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