Wednesday, 2 May 2001 Rexx Symposium - Research Triangle Park, NC
8:30 Les Koehler
Staff Software Engineer and VM Dinosaur
Creating a Web-Browsable Document Repository On VM
This presentation shows how Les used Rexx to solve a business problem for his department when it was faced with the imminent loss of an official document repository for Development (in-process) documents. It covers some of the history and capabilities of the official ADVIEW project that was being terminated, the requirements for the new repository, how developers maintain their documents from a remote VM system, and how it all works with VM/Webserver. Emphasis is placed on how Les used the "building-block" approach and the KISS principle to quickly develop, test, and deliver the final repository.
9:30 Lavrentios Servissoglou
Project Lead of REXX /
Object REXX Development
ObjectRexx Between Apache and Databases
The presentation will show how ObjectRexx may be used for CGI programming. A small object-oriented framework provides an (easy) access to the CGI enviroment. The next step will be a connection to a database. This talk demonstrates that ObjectRexx may be used as the glue between the web and existing databases. The goal is to provide an object-oriented interface between ObjectRexx and ODBC. Such an interface enables ObjectRexx access to the majority of databases.
10:30 Break
10:45 Jim Hasslacher, Jr.
Developers' Home Page, Inc
Breaking the External Call Barrier
One of the biggest penalties in calling an external routine is losing access to the variable pool. Now through Rexx Utilities it is possible to extend the variable pool to external routines and other platforms. Using ONC RPC as the transport mechanism, external routines no longer need to reside on the local machine.
11:45 Lunch
1:00 Chip Davis
Senior Instructor
Aresti Systems
The PARSE Template: a Swiss Army Knife for Strings
PARSE is arguably the most powerful keyword instruction in Rexx (aside from INTERPRET, of course). The PARSE template can process strings by words, columns, search strings, or any combination of them. Such power usually comes at a price and many Rexx programmers are intimidated or confused by the more complex templates. This presentation steps through increasingly complex templates, demonstrating the simple yet elegant structure beneath. By the end of the hour, there won't be a PARSE template that will stump you.
2:00 Michael Lueck
Lueck Data Systems
Using ObjectRexx For Electronic Software Distribution
Using ObjectCur To Quickly Write Reliable Programs

This session is a whirlwind tour of what Michael considers some of his more interesting and useful applications of Rexx and ObjectRexx. It demonstrates his proof-of-concept Managed Windows 2000 "MichaelDist" which uses PC DOS 2000 Rexx with CUR and ObjectRexx for Win32 with ObjectCur. He tours through some of his projects of the past including Massively Parallel Processing & Filepump, then quickly writes a program using ObjectCur and runs it on both Win32 and OS/2 ObjectRexx.
3:00 Chip Davis
Closing Remarks