Tuesday, 1 May 2001 Rexx Symposium - Research Triangle Park, NC
8:30 Gil Barmwater
Computer Systems Consultant
Getting Started With OODialog: Adding a GUI To Your Windows Rexx Programs
Ever wonder how those Windows programs do those little boxes with messages, buttons and input areas? Would you like to add that kind of capability to your Rexx programs? This talk takes you through, step by step, modifying a simple Rexx program that uses SAY and PULL to communicate with the user, into one that uses the Graphical User Interface available via Windows. The OODialog function package, which is available as part of ObjectRexx for Windows (Developers Edition) is used to do the implementation, first using only functions calls, and then using the more powerful "objects" that are available. Gil shows how it is possible to begin using dialog boxes without knowing anything at all about Object-Oriented programming. By introducing some simple OO concepts, more of the capabilities of the OODialog package can be utilized. Finally, time-permitting, some examples of the real power of the GUI will be demonstrated.
9:30 Tom Brawn
Software Engineer
XML and NetRexx, a Useful Combination
Over the past few years, XML has become a common standard for the exchange of data. This common "language" provides a vehicle for the exchange of data between two unrelated applications. In his presentation, Tom gives a brief introduction to XML, touches briefly on some related topics such as stylesheets, Xerces and Xalan, and then walks through several NetRexx XML examples. Finally, Tom discusses IBM's Websphere Transcoding Publisher and its use of NetRexx in the processing of XML documents.
10:30 Break
10:45 Rony Flatscher
Vienna University of
Business Administration
and Economics
Java Bean Scripting with Rexx
The Java Bean Scripting Framework is an IBM-developed technology which allows non-Java languages to use Java classes. There are at least two significant benefits to using BSF:
  • the incredible wealth of functionality available with the standard Java classes, available for free on anyone's computer,
  • platform independence, due to the ubiquity of Java.
This talk gives a bird eye's view of BSF and what is available in standard Java installations. It introduces the work of Peter Kalender, who created a package which allows Rexx to use the BSF technology. A set of simple examples demonstrates Rexx using Java's Abstract Windowing Toolkit to create and use a graphical user interface. All examples are given in classic Rexx and should run on any ANSI-compliant Rexx interpreters and all Java platforms (i.e. practically all operating systems and hardware). Finally, an ObjectRexx wrapper class for the BSF function package is introduced and some basic features of ObjectRexx that benefit the Rexx programmer are highlighted.
11:45 Lunch and Great Rexx GUI Shoot-Out
1:00 Various Rxperts
Ask the Rxperts
This session is a continuation of the Great Rexx GUI Shoot-Out that started during Lunch. The remaining time will be used to answer Rexx questions large and small. Find out what's wrong with that piece of code you brought (you did remember to bring your problems, didn't you?). Ask Mike why he chose such a "abnormal" definition for TRACE NORMAL and why that is the default. Get several opinions on which is the "best" way to code a particular algorithm. The best Rexx brains will be here for the picking. Bring your best questions for them to tackle.
2:00 David Ruggles
Safe Data, Inc.
Using Rexx as a CGI Under IIS
David shows what is necessary to configure Microsoft's Internet Information Server and to create simple Common Gateway Interface scripts using Rexx. Several World Wide Web sites running Rexx CGI scripts under IIS are demonstrated.
3:00 Break
3:15 Jim Hasslacher, Jr.
Developers' Home Page, Inc
What Your Mother Never Told You About WSH
(And Why You Are Afraid To Ask)

Delving into the darker aspects of Windows and WSH, this is a step-by-step guide on how to build a COM object that is a Rexx script, shaving hours off of development time. Any program capable of invoking COM objects can call this COM object and not realize Rexx is the driving force. Time permitting, Jim will discuss the various types of events that WSH supports and how to invoke/use them.
4:15 Vasilis Vlachoudis
Physicist and Author of BRexx
An Overview of BRexx
BRexx is a freeware implementation of the Rexx language. The interpreter is quite compliant to the language specs. It is written entirely in ANSI-C allowing porting with ease to various operating systems. BRexx currently works on most of the Unix flavors, DOS, Ms Windows, BeOS, Amiga, Mac OS and on various pocket OS. This talk will briefly review the features of BRexx, the implementation of the interpreter, the various fields of application and the future plans.
5:15 Breakouts / Birds-of-a-Feather / Socializing
7:00 Banquet