Monday, 30 April 2001 Rexx Symposium - Research Triangle Park, NC
8:30 Lobby Late Registration and Meet-n-Greet
9:15 Chip Davis
Welcoming Remarks
9:30 Manfred Schweizer
Manager, Rexx Development
Development of Rexx/ObjectRexx Within IBM
Manfred provides an overview of the Rexx/ObjectRexx development team within IBM and its interfaces/interactions with the "outside world". He discusses the future of Rexx and ObjectRexx and describes how IBM positions ObjectRexx on Windows, AIX, and Linux.
10:30 Break
10:45 Mark Hessling
Senior Technical Consultant
QCOM Australia
Real-World Cross-Platform GUI Applications in Rexx
Since the introduction of Rexx/Tk at the 1999 Rexx Symposium, it has been significantly enhanced by the presenter and is now a viable cross-platform GUI development tool. This presentation introduces the audience to Rexx/Tk and its recent enhancements, and demonstrates its use in a Configuration Management Tool (QOCCA) used by QCOM Australia in most of its fixed-price, fixed-term project development work.
11:45 Lunch
1:00 Mike Cowlishaw
IBM Fellow
Rexx Arithmetic -- More Than Just Numbers
Computer systems must provide an arithmetic that gives the results that people expect. This is taken for granted in Rexx, but other languages and applications often suffer from inferior decimal arithmetic. In this talk, Mike reviews the advantages of Rexx arithmetic and then compares it with other support and standards for decimal arithmetic. He then describes his process in introducing ANSI X3.274 (Rexx) arithmetic into new environments, including Java, C, databases, and hardware.
2:00 Jim Hasslacher, Jr.
Developers' Home Page, Inc
ObjectRexx Windows Scripting Host
Jim gives a brief explanation of WSH and the differences between it and OLE access, followed by WSH samples for the Internet Explorer web browser, command line, and Windows Explorer. He offers some quick pointers on what pitfalls to avoid when coding WSH and shows how to invoke "legacy" Rexx scripts as WSH scripts without recoding them.
3:00 Break
3:15 Lee Peedin
VP Research & Development
Safe Data, Inc.
Automating Microsoft Excel Via ObjectRexx OLE
Through the use of ObjectRexx / OLE, practically all functions of Microsoft Excel can be automated. This presentation demonstrates various methods such as creating a new workbook, opening an existing workbook, adding data to cells, reading data in cells, determining if a cell contains a formula or a value, changing fonts and backgrounds, creating charts, plus many more. Several practical applications of the use of OLE are discussed as well.
4:15 John J. Urbaniak
Aviar, Inc.
Using ObjectRexx in Text-to-Speech Synthesis
Creating Multi-Channel MIDI Files With ObjectRexx

John presents two topics involving sound synthesis using ObjectRexx. He gives demos and examples of both topics.
5:15 Breakouts / Birds-of-a-Feather / Socializing
7:00 Board Meeting and Dinner